Swale Smith


Age: 24

Location: London, UK

Flying since: September 2011


1x Trex 700E DFC HV, V-Bar Silverline, (New) Align 700 Main & Tail Blades, Align 850MX-540kv Dominator, Castle ICE 2 160HV, Align BL700 & BL750 HV, R2Protoyping HV²BEC

1x Trex 700E DFC HV, V-Bar Silverline, (New) Align 700 Main & Tail Blades, Scorpion 4525 Ultimate, Castle ICE 2 160HV, Align BL700 & BL750 HV, R2Protoyping HV²BEC

x2 – T-Rex 700N DFC O.S 91 HZ-R 3D, Align Pipe, V-Bar Silverline, Align BL700HV, BL750HV Tail Servos, New Align 700 Main & Tail Blades

Currently Preferred Battery Of Choice:

Scorpion Competition Series 65c 4500mah 6s Lipo 12s (2x6s)

Sponsors: www.Align-Trex.co.uk , R2prototyping

HV2 BEC ALU Review:


So after having my HV2 BEC for a few months now and having to endure one of the worst UK winter and Springs I’ve every known I’ve finally been able to get out and really get hands on with HV2BEC ALU performance and feel, so its about time I give my opinion.

The build quality:

The BEC is encased in a beautiful black anodised casing, weighing approx 60g and measuring 79mm Long x 25mm Wide 17mm High its relatively slender and has a very high quality feel, the circuitry is also very well made and again oozes quality, even the cables are of a high quality, it sports some nice 18awg soft silicon dual output wire for powering your receiver and 16awg for your main pack connection.

In this area its a 10 out of 10 clearly a product designed to last!


Really not a great deal to say very un-eventful, just how I like it.

The rectangular shape was easy to mount some double sided tape and some EC3 connectors to join onto the main pack wires job done, no drama here.

Some may need to set the output voltage dependent on the servos being used (default is 8,4v), on the HV2 ALU BEC you simply use the push buttons to change the voltage very simple and convenient.


Optional OLED HV2BEC Monitor:

You may also opt for the additional OLED screen there is some useful information such as present volt for your main flight packs your current servo volt, current amp draw, historical max amp draw and historical minimum servo voltage.

There is a possibility for further expansion of the monitors functions which will be provided as an update.

Monitor installed on Align 700e DFC:


HV2BEC Monitor: (Note: Pic one is monitor with non ALU HV2 BEC)IMG_3900


HV2BEC Backup Guard/Buffer

There is also the option to install a backup guard essentially a backup power source in the event of a failure of main packs or any other problem preventing the main BEC working.

Should power fail the backup guard will instantly activate and takeover the powering of your flight controls in order to allow safe auto-rotation under full control. the backup guard does not require turning on it automatically will activate once power from the main packs have been detected it does of course require you to turn it off once your flights finished

This unit does not come with a battery so you have the option of choosing what to use, currently I’m using a good 450mah 2s lipo such as you would find for use in a  blade 130x you may also use capacitors this is explained in the manual.

HV2BEC BACKUP GUARD/BUFFER (Capacitors installed)


Performance & Flight Test:

The fun bit :-) ….

Well, you honestly can tell a very noticeable difference I usually tend to fly aggressively I am somewhat what you call a smack pilot I tend to be very critical of servo speeds, torque and the overall feel of a servo in the air when I ask the heli to stop or change its direction I want it to do it cleanly and aggressively.                                                    The HV2 BEC really has improved this I have tried many other solutions but none I’ve used compares, best way I can explain is this, It’s like the difference from non HV to HV once again, the heli stops dead no bobbing wobbles or nods it just holds that 8,4v to the servos, It really improves vast pitch changes the servos clearly are very happy and it shows in flight the performance, the improvement is substantial!



It seems that the the latest trend for development in helicopters is power, power and more power, more powerful motors more powerful and faster servos.

Simply put if your gonna splash some cash and treat your heli to some nice snazzy HV servos, or you grab a kit with included HV servos give it the power there designed for and need, forget all the recharging of RX lipos and the other cheaply made BECS this is the one to have, this is currently the best solution, it’s built to last and will be future proof for some time to come!

NOTE: Flight Vid Coming Soon…







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